CRU Southern Contacts

Region I Coordinator

Asst. Chief Chad Stokes - CalOES 5191

Region VI Coordinator

Asst. Chief John Hudson - WA6HYQ - CalOES 5196

Deputy Chief CRU Officer, South

Tim Peters - K6TVP - CalOES 51-702

Region I CRU Officer

Fred Bray - KE6CD - CalOES 51-100

Deputy Region I
CRU Officer


Region VI CRU Officer

Chad Buchanan - N6NWZ - 51-600

Deputy Region VI
CRU Officer


CRU Meetings for Regions I & VI are held the third Monday of even numbered months, 1900 hours local,
at 4671 Liberty Ave., Buidling 283, Los Alamitos.

E-Mail may be your best choice for first, non-urgent contact.


For more information regarding the CRU program, contact the following:

Bill Pennington:      Chief CRU Officer
Mike Beckstrand:  CRU / ACS Program Administrator