How To Join CRU

The Communications Reserve Unit is currently recruiting individuals who have an interest in serving the citizens of the State of California with Emergency Communications capability in time of emergency. Cal-OES CRU is a specialized disaster response public safety communications service whose primary mission is to support Cal OES. It is also the States Radio Amateur Communications Emergency Service (RACES) Unit.

Applicants to CRU must be at least 18 years of age, and in good physical condition. While many of our CRU members are licensed Amateur Radio Operators, a license is not required to become a member.

We, of course, expect you to volunteer your time. By registering with us you are obligating yourself to this. In many cases you can fit this time into your schedule. Not always though as incidents, emergencies and disasters know no time schedule. Those that are still working for a living may be requested to donate some of your vacation time in these cases. While some of our members respond to deployments in the field, such as search and rescue missions, wildfires or other natural disasters, some of our members prefer administrative assignments allowing them to work from home (a limited number) or operational assignments from our regional facilities*.

We require an initial response time of 1.25 hours or so. Some of our activations require us to be at or deployable from our regional facilities* within two hours.

*Headquarters (Mather, Sacramento County), Inland Administrative Region & Region IV at Sequoia Pacific (Sacramento City and County), Redding - Region III (Shasta County) and Fresno - Region V (Fresno County) and Southern Administrative Region, MARs I & VI, at Los Alamitos (Orange County), and the Coastal Administrative Region, Region II, at Walnut Creek (Contra Costa County).

In addition to providing emergency communications, CRU works with our Emergency Communications partners such as the Amateur Radio Emergency Service, local RACES units, the American Red Cross, Civil Air Patrol, the California National Guard as well as Non-Governmental Organizations to develop cooperative agreements and partnerships.

This also requires training in the Incident Command System, policies and procedures, both administrative and in the use of equipment.

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We currently are recruiting for the following positions:

  • Administrative Officer          - (Sacramento) (Clerical)
  • Deputy CRU Officer              - (Region 1) (Command Staff)
  • Deputy CRU Officer              - (Region 2) (Command Staff)
  • CRU Officer                           - (Region 3) (Command Staff)
  • Deputy CRU Officer              - (Region 3) (Command Staff)
  • CRU Officer                           - (Region 4) (Command Staff)
  • Deputy CRU Officer              - (Region 6) (Command Staff)
  • Communications Specialist - (Region 1) (Entry Level)
  • Communications Specialist - (Region 2) (Entry Level)
  • Communications Specialist - (Region 3) (Entry Level)
  • Communications Specialist - (Region 5) (Entry Level)
  • Communications Specialist - (Region 6) (Entry Level)

(Note: Command Staff positions are usually filled by recruitments from regular CRU staff.)

If you have an interest in joining our CRU team, please fill out the form below and click the submit button and a CRU representative will contact you.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Please read our [Frequently Asked Questions] BEFORE you submit your information below.

  [ PLEASE NOTE: If you only wish to work for the SOCC / Headquarters in Sacramento County or statewide,
  and NOT within a Field Region, then for "County:", PLEASE SELECT SOCC / HQ Only

* Please note: You do not need to be a licensed amateur radio operator to join the CRU

When you have entered your information, please click the Submit Info button below.




For more information regarding the CRU program, contact the following:

Bill Pennington:      Chief CRU Officer
Mike Beckstrand:  CRU / ACS Program Administrator