CRU Headquarters Contacts

Tactical Communications Chief

Chief David Meyer - CalOES 5190

CRU / ACS Program Administrator

Asst. Chief Mike Beckstrand - KG6IFV - CalOES 5193

Headquarters Coordinator

Asst. Chief Ben Green - WD8CZP - CalOES 5195

Chief CRU Officer

Bill Pennington - WA6SLA - CalOES 51-700

Deputy Chief CRU Officer, North

William Lewis - KG6BAJ - CalOES 51-701

Deputy Chief CRU Officer, South

Tim Peters - K6TVP - CalOES 51-702

SOCC Operations CRU Officer

Jim Price - KO6GM - CalOES 51-711

E-Mail may be your best choice for first, non-urgent contact.


For more information regarding the CRU program, contact the following:

Bill Pennington:      Chief CRU Officer
Mike Beckstrand:  CRU / ACS Program Administrator