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Communications Truck and Communications Van

The Communication Reserve Units mission is to serve the State of California in support of any possible need relative to communications in an emergency.

The Communications Reserve Unit, however, is comprised of a 100% volunteer staff. The CRU staff provides countless hours of their own time and money to make this happen.

Let me say that again... The CRU staff DO NOT get paid a wage for the services they provide!

Some of the expenses that our volunteers incur are things like:

- Fuel for travel to and from incidents, meetings and training sessions.

- Hotels or other lodging when traveling to some incidents and training.

- Meals at meetings and training sessions.

- Paying for their own vehicle insurance and vehicle upkeep to be able to respond to emergencies.

- Paying for their own laundry to be cleaned when working at an incident for extended periods.

- Paying for their own uniforms and even protective clothing.

- Some pay for their own communications equipment to use at emergency incidents.

- Parking fees and tolls.

- Paying for their own tents and sleeping bags if camping at an incident because there is no hotel anywhere close by.

- Even this very website is 100% paid for buy a volunteer who is not reimbursed in any way by the State of California.

This list is by no means a total list of all the expenses that our volunteers incur. Not even close!


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For more information regarding the CRU program, contact the following:

Bill Pennington:      Chief CRU Officer
Mike Beckstrand:  CRU / ACS Program Administrator