CRU Leadership

Chief CRU Officer

Bill Pennington - CalOES 51-700

CRU Administrative Officer

--- (Vacant) ---
(Bill Pennington - Acting Admin Officer)

Deputy Chief CRU Officer, North

William Lewis - CalOES 51-701

Deputy Chief CRU Officer, South

Tim Peters - CalOES 51-702

CRU Training Officer

Brigid Baty - CalOES 51-108

Deputy CRU Training Officer

Bruce Andreozzi - CalOES 51-401

Mutual Aid Region I CRU Officer

Fred Bray - CalOES 51-100

Mutual Aid Region II CRU Officer

Steven Corey - CalOES 51-200

Mutual Aid Region III CRU Officer


Mutual Aid Region IV CRU Officer


Mutual Aid Region V CRU Officer

John Piotrowski - CalOES 51-500

Mutual Aid Region VI CRU Officer

Chad Buchanan - CalOES 51-600

SOCC Operations Officer

Jim Price - CalOES 51-711

E-Mail may be your best choice for first, non-urgent contact.


California Governor's Office of Emergency Services
Communications Reserve Unit
Tactical Communications Branch
630 Sequoia Pacific
Sacramento, CA 95811

24 Hour Warning Center - (916) 845-8911